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Trade Certifications In Australia

Different trades in Australia usually require various certificates and qualifications in addition to the trade skill, for any potential employee to obtain a job. This is essential because there are many dangers involved in a work place and employees will require various life skills beyond their main trade skill to be free from accidents at work. Many tradesmen will also need to operate and use different heavy machinery which can be very dangerous if not operated correctly. Thus, most employees will need to pass a skills assessment and have the right certificate especially to operate special or heavy machines. Most trade workers will require at least a basic first aid certificate. This ensures that they will know how to act when themselves or their colleagues have been injured at work. Such skills can be critical in saving lives as the first few minutes count for the most when a person is critically injured.
The Australian government upholds a strict implementation of occupational health and safety(OHS) rules in the workplace and once employed, workers have to go through regular tests and assessments to ensure that they are aware of the latest company policies and what to do during emergency situations. Australian companies have to be vigilant regarding their employee’s knowledge of OHS guidelines as it minimizes workplace injuries and accidents, keeping the work environment safe.
There are quite a number of trades in which employees will have to get work at heights training , know more at They will be required to go through elevated work platform training courses so that they are knowledgeable about working safely at heights. Employees should go to accredited training centers or institutions and at the end of their course, they will be issued with a yellow card which will represent that they have gone through the right course recognized by the governing authority in Australia. As the certification is quite popular, EWP training sessions are conducted frequently by many training institutions, hence it is easy for one to find a course even on an urgent basis. The large mining industry in Australian also means that a number of employees will be working in underground mines. Thus, it is quite a common requirement for people who want to work in the mines to get a certificate to work in confined spaces. As movement is very restricted in these working conditions, workers can be trapped in very unfavourable conditions especially if they do not perform their work in a safe manner or react appropriately in emergency situations.
Making these certificates applicable for different jobs is an important regulation that protects people and saves lives. There are many hazards in the workplace, especially that of a tradesman, and companies should not assume that their employees have the right knowledge to maintain a safe workplace. Refreshers and regular assessments help employees stay vigilant and aware of dangers at work, minimizing work accidents.