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Selecting A Fashion Design School

The fashion industry is an interesting and exciting industry to break into – but behind all the passion and glamour, there is a combination of hard work and great business skills. Selecting the right fashion school that has a program that will help you to succeed in your profession will go a long way.  So take the time to do some research before getting enrolled in any program.

How Much Work Are You Willing to Put In?
You have to spend a considerable amount of time working on projects, studying or even traveling when you start studying fashion design. If you are working – there are part-time programs for students as well in some colleges. But you will need to put in lots of effort and energy especially when you are going to a renowned fashion school that is very expensive – and you will need to plan your budget accordingly.

What Are Your Career Goals?
Different people have different career goals. Do you want to become a recognized brand name in bridal fashion? Or start a boutique or clothing line? While it is impossible to measure every potential setback in an industry that is constantly changing, it is vital that you have goals that you want to achieve. Knowing what your goals are can help you select fashion design courses that suit your career needs – especially from a reputed fashion design school.

What Qualifications Do You Need?
Most fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in fashion design from a reputed school – and usually more preference is given to students from well-known colleges. If you are planning on doing dressmaking or creating clothes, consider professional sewing classes to become a professional – or get apprenticed under a reputed dressmaker to gain practical skills and work experience. But making it as a qualified fashion designer will require a strong portfolio, work experience and of course talent to make it.  It can be helpful to talk to current students or alumni who have already made it in the fashion industry.

Will The Course Be Beneficial For You?
Take the time to speak freely with the student counselor about course modules, practical experience and more.  If you plan to branch out into a particular area of the fashion industry such as accessory or apparel design, you might prefer a course in apparel design. If you planning on getting into fashion merchandising which focuses more on the business side of fashion,  a fashion merchandising course would be more suitable. Fashion design qualification can help you break in to other careers too – apart from fashion designing itself.