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A Cross Culture Psychological Research

Research is scientifically studying or examining into the area of concern which involves reading and understanding the past related studies in order to fill the gaps in literature and create facts and reach new conclusions. Most of the time, a psychological study will be conducted across culture to understand the extent to which the certain research hypothesis can be generalized to the population of the world.

Baby step in research

When you want to do some kind of psychological research, you should hold a master’s degree in psychology in the under-developed and developing countries. But, in countries like America where psychology has its roots from and psychology is a well-established subject, you should hold a Ph. Ed in psychology. When you have the necessary requirements you can go forward and write down your research proposal. When you draft your research proposal be as abstract as you can when you are drafting your participant conditions. A normal research proposal should cover all the necessary details for the research. In your research proposal, make sure to properly mention your research question, hypothesis, aim and what type of methodology you are planning to use. When you are writing a research proposal in which you want to use some other countries citizen, your proposal should be translated in the language the officials prefer. For this, you surely cannot study a language just to write a research proposal. Therefore, you can make use of document translation services who will aptly rewrite your research proposal in the language you need. It will be perfect since they will use native language users and the content will be proof read. You can also use them to translate any kind of pamphlets or other documents for research or related to research.

Approval of your proposal

If your proposal gets approved, then immediately hire a translator to start with the research. When you approach your participants, let the translator do their work. You should try not to be a bossy person and interrupting them every five seconds. Apart from that, it will be like other researches, you did in your mother country. You should also look the different types of extraneous variables that would affect your research. You should not give a blind eye to cultural and individual differences and prove your hypothesis right. While you are analyzing your results, make sure to be clear with what you are doing. If you are not clear make sure to talk about it to other members of the research team.

Writing a research paper

When you are finished with your research, you should formally write a research paper. It is advised that you have listed down the strengths and weakness of your study. You should also mention the possible areas to look in future for research in this area. You should put forth the variations in culture and compare results with other cultures. A proper research will address all miniature details which might have an effect on the research.