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The Importance Of Networking For Job Searches

When you are out there, looking for a job, you will realize that networking definitely has its advantages. After all, when you are applying through portals, you are competing with thousands of others for a job role. On the other hand, when you network and get a personalized recommendation, you would certainly have a higher chance of being selected or shortlisted for the job. Again, being referred or recommended by others makes a candidate more likely to land an interview at least. Need help for resume writing this link can help you.

How to network?

Many people feel hesitant to reach out to others and ask for a job reference. However, that is a feeling that one should overcome. Simply asking for a reference does not mean asking for undue favors. Most people land up in similar situations and realize the pains of being out of a job. You could take up paid services like linkedin services, but it would be best to reach out to contacts in the industry and to leave a note about any positions that might be available which would suit your work experience.

Building relationships

When you are networking, you need to enjoy it, akin to building friendships and acquaintances and not being a hit and go job seeker. Reach out to people and find out how they are, where they are and what profiles they are working on. Even if the person does not work in similar fields or industry, they might know someone who might be able to help. It is important to stay in touch with old bosses and colleagues who can help in different ways in different situations. You could supplement your networking efforts with linkedin services. 

Start early

Networking might not guarantee a fast job find. For that reason, it is best to start early and to keep at it. That would be good when you have former contacts in the industry. Touch base with them from time to time. Drop in a hello or a line on their emails or give them a call during the holidays. That would help them to know what you are doing and keep you in mind when they know of similar job openings.

Use social media contacts

If you are in touch with former friends and colleagues or family members through social media accounts, you might want to leverage the same. Drop in lines to them and message them privately, letting them know your current situation. This is more easily done than having to meet people personally for a job recommendation. This might give you fewer results for which reason you need to reach out to several people at once and keep up the effort of following up on possible leads.

Going On A Road Trip

We all have seen those travel blogs and stories of people going a trip around the world or their country in a vehicle, ‘road tripping’ it as one would say and there’s always that little part of us that wants to do the same. Well you can and this is how you do it. It requires some planning to make it perfect.
Gather Up your friends

Well despite it being possible to road trip all by yourself, it can be pretty boring when compared to the excitement and happiness that you can share with your friends. Call up those who are available and has the financial means to do so and calling on those who got vehicles that can be used is better.

Getting a Vehicle to Use

As the term road trip states, a trip behind the wheels of a vehicle. Now if you don’t own a vehicle do not worry as you can always rent one out for the duration of your trip and more. But if you don’t have a license you cannot drive one. So start early and get some driving lessons so that you can be a contributor as well, after all the joy in road trip involves taking turns behind the wheel too.

Look for effective driving lessons in Randwick at your local area and get your permit done before you embark on your trip.

Stacking Up on Necessities

Road tripping can get a little cramped up and annoying especially when you go on for hours on end without a single break. Plan out your rest stops on a map where you and your friends can park by the side of the road, open up the doors and have some refreshments and snacks. Which is why you need to stack up before you set out, get some drinks, chips and so on and disposable cups and plates to make it easier. Necessities can vary from one individual to another, depending on the destination and how long it will take you to get there, it wouldn’t hurt to even get a portable potty. Yes it may be embarrassing but unless you got some places to stay along the way you really got no other choice. If you are interested click here for driving instructor.

In addition to this stacking up on some pillows, sleeping bags and even warmers will be very useful even when you didn’t know it. Don’t forget the music, rather than go by the road in complete silence have some awesome tracks to lighten everyone up and some travel games as well and you can have one amazing road trip that you will never forget.

Trade Certifications In Australia

Different trades in Australia usually require various certificates and qualifications in addition to the trade skill, for any potential employee to obtain a job. This is essential because there are many dangers involved in a work place and employees will require various life skills beyond their main trade skill to be free from accidents at work. Many tradesmen will also need to operate and use different heavy machinery which can be very dangerous if not operated correctly. Thus, most employees will need to pass a skills assessment and have the right certificate especially to operate special or heavy machines. Most trade workers will require at least a basic first aid certificate. This ensures that they will know how to act when themselves or their colleagues have been injured at work. Such skills can be critical in saving lives as the first few minutes count for the most when a person is critically injured.
The Australian government upholds a strict implementation of occupational health and safety(OHS) rules in the workplace and once employed, workers have to go through regular tests and assessments to ensure that they are aware of the latest company policies and what to do during emergency situations. Australian companies have to be vigilant regarding their employee’s knowledge of OHS guidelines as it minimizes workplace injuries and accidents, keeping the work environment safe.
There are quite a number of trades in which employees will have to get work at heights training , know more at They will be required to go through elevated work platform training courses so that they are knowledgeable about working safely at heights. Employees should go to accredited training centers or institutions and at the end of their course, they will be issued with a yellow card which will represent that they have gone through the right course recognized by the governing authority in Australia. As the certification is quite popular, EWP training sessions are conducted frequently by many training institutions, hence it is easy for one to find a course even on an urgent basis. The large mining industry in Australian also means that a number of employees will be working in underground mines. Thus, it is quite a common requirement for people who want to work in the mines to get a certificate to work in confined spaces. As movement is very restricted in these working conditions, workers can be trapped in very unfavourable conditions especially if they do not perform their work in a safe manner or react appropriately in emergency situations.
Making these certificates applicable for different jobs is an important regulation that protects people and saves lives. There are many hazards in the workplace, especially that of a tradesman, and companies should not assume that their employees have the right knowledge to maintain a safe workplace. Refreshers and regular assessments help employees stay vigilant and aware of dangers at work, minimizing work accidents.